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Dark Side Of The Sun
Farscape Books

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

Lost and alone in an uncharted region of space, American astronaut John Crichton has found refuge of a sort aboard Moya, A living starship sheltering a fractious band of bizarre alien beings. But now Moya is dying of a pernicious infection, and the only cure in light-years belongs to the leader of a vicious band of space pirates. Crichton and his mismatched companions must strike a bargain with the dreaded Free-Trader, Jansz, or else perish along with their vessel. An already perilous situation escalates to open warfare when Rygel XVI, deposed ruler of a vast interstellar empire, discovers that his long-lost love is being held captive by the pirates. Will Rygel let his own pride and passion place Crichton, Aeryn, and the others in mortal jeopardy? Of course he will …


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