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Commerce 1
Commerce 1
Name: Commerce 1
Temperature: 29 Degrees Celsius
84 Degrees Fahrenheit
Location: Uncharted Territories
Species Various
Episode 1.01

Known only to us as Commerce planet 1, is located on the edge of Peacekeeper occupied space. This planet’s surface is dominated with swampy wetlands, and dry desert mountain ranges. Although the seas are toxic, and very few freshwater lakes exist, there is enough water to sustain the trading post established here. The cities of this planet were built for convenience rather than for beauty, and most merchants just occupy a store front abandoned by a previously failed or deceased owner.

Commerce planet 1 was visited by Moya’s crew for purposes of gather ship supplies. Commerce planet 1 was also John’s first time on another world, and left him in absolute amazement. John did not have much time to take in the scenery, due to Crais and his Command Carrier arriving in the system.
Commerce 1 Commerce 1