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My name is John Crichton, an astronaut... a radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole…
It is my duty, my breeding, since birth! It's what I am!
I've been arrested for saying exactly the same thing on four different planets.
Sensitive D'Argo, Exuberant Chiana, Wise Rygel, Selfless Aeryn, Innocent Crichton, my children, my teachers, my loves
You frellniks. Didn't you watch any of those -those - those- those - those Earth movies? Crichton just proposed.
I'm Rygel the Sixteenth, dominar to over six hundred billion people. I don't need to talk to you.
A bio-mechanoid; a living ship
If he should ask for it, what body part are you willing to offer for it, your Eminence?
It was no accident for my brother.
You see, Crichton, this is what I'm trying to keep you from.
Diagnostic Repair Drones or DRDs are small robots that move around Leviathans
Okay...this is the best way. At least it's going to be quick, and it's going to hurt a lot less than being eaten
It's very, very simple. I am now Talyn's pilot, and we are flying back into the sun
Noranti is a Traskan - Around 293 cycles with many skill sets including chef, mediator, alchemist, botanist and healer


Rygel XVI

Charater Image Rygel was once the ruler of Hyneria where he ruled over 600 billion people before his cousin overthrew him and turned him over to the Peacekeepers where he spent the next one hundred and fifty cycles. During Rygel’s imprisonment he was regularly tortured and humiliated to an end he rather not remember or talk about. Rygel was transferred to many prison ships till he finally ended up on Moya where he was able to use his size to explore Moya and eventually help provide the means for the other prisoners aboard Moya to escape.

Rygel is not what one would consider a good shipmate. Rygel loves to steal, hoard food in times of shortage. He is greedy, bossy, self-absorbent, and very arrogant which is very annoying to most who know him for long periods of time. But with all this, he has proving his worth to his current shipmates more than once on their new voyage. Rygel has found a sense of respect for all those aboard Moya, but due to the circumstances of his past, one will find Rygel looking out for more of his own concerns before the others. If there were anyone Rygel would respect, that would be Zhaan. Zhaan and Rygel spent many cycles with one another aboard Moya were they found a closeness that one would only achieve by such an experience. Crichton, although he looks like a Peacekeeper, Rygel has become very found of him. Rygel sees Chiana a great comrade in the ways of thievery and mischief. Rygel finds it very hard to get along with D’Argo due to D’Argo’s brute force and up front personality. As with the others of his crew he hopes to return home so that he can seek revenge and reclaim his rightful place as Dominar Rygel XVI, ruler of Hyneria.

Rygel In his chair Rygel portrait Smug Rygel Happy Rygel