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My name is John Crichton, an astronaut... a radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole…
It is my duty, my breeding, since birth! It's what I am!
I've been arrested for saying exactly the same thing on four different planets.
Sensitive D'Argo, Exuberant Chiana, Wise Rygel, Selfless Aeryn, Innocent Crichton, my children, my teachers, my loves
You frellniks. Didn't you watch any of those -those - those- those - those Earth movies? Crichton just proposed.
I'm Rygel the Sixteenth, dominar to over six hundred billion people. I don't need to talk to you.
A bio-mechanoid; a living ship
If he should ask for it, what body part are you willing to offer for it, your Eminence?
It was no accident for my brother.
You see, Crichton, this is what I'm trying to keep you from.
Diagnostic Repair Drones or DRDs are small robots that move around Leviathans
Okay...this is the best way. At least it's going to be quick, and it's going to hurt a lot less than being eaten
It's very, very simple. I am now Talyn's pilot, and we are flying back into the sun
Noranti is a Traskan - Around 293 cycles with many skill sets including chef, mediator, alchemist, botanist and healer


Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

Charater Image Zhaan lived on a planet called Delvia where she was a respected member of the Delvian Seek (the dominate religion of the plant). Zhaan takes her religion very seriously and has devoted her entire life to her beliefs. Delvians supporte a democratic government were the people vote their government officials into office, so when Bitall was eventually voted out of office, Bitall and his followers decided they were not ready to leave just yet. Bitall and his group contracted the Peacekeepers to help them retain their power, by imprisoning the political party. At the time of the overthrow, Zhaan was Bitall’s lover and when she found out that Bitall had sent her father to a forced labor camp Zhaan murdered Bitall by performing a ritual of the mind (Unity), and injured her own mind in the process.

Zhaan eventually was sentenced to prison aboard Moya and spent 17 cycles there before she had escaped with the others aboard Moya. During those 17 cycles Zhaan healed her mind and brought back her peaceful nature. With the time she has spent with her fellow escapees, Zhaan has played more of the motherly role with them. She has become very close with Crichton whom saved her mind from madness by performing a very special Unity ritual with him. Zhaan is very appreciative and aware of the talents each of her crew mates bring to the ship, but it is Moya where she truly finds all her respect and devotion to.

 Zhaan on Moya Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan not happy Zhaan praying Medical Zhaan Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan portrait